Monday, October 1, 2012

It's Blogtober!


I'm not sure if I should say this on the internet, but Kennedy is out of town for a couple of nights. You know what that means? I no longer have the option to run out to the grocery store in the evening (or in reality, send Kennedy to the grocery store for me) because I am a single mom for a couple of days.

Naturally, that means I need chocolate really bad. Pinterest doesn't help.


I decided this weekend that I am going to blog every day in October (BEDIO) like I did in 2009.

A conversation from Saturday night:
Me: I think I'm going to blog every day in October.
Kennedy: Yeah, do it.
Me: And you know what I'm gonna call it? (As I said this, I raised my eyebrows and smiled, trying to build anticipation and excitement. I just did this in the mirror to see what I looked like when I did it and I more than likely nailed it.)
Kennedy: Blogtober?
Me: OOooh. That's WAY better than what I was gonna call it. I'll use that!

So here we are, my inaugural Blogtober post. This post counts as a post. I have no rules, other than I have to blog every day in the month of October.

Here's where I'm having an anxiety attack: What on Earth am I gonna blog about for 31 days? I NEED SUGGESTIONS! Leave me an idea in the comments section or send me a facebook message if you have any good ideas. If I want to use it, then I will.

Also, if you have a blog, please feel free to join me on my Blogtober adventure! Let me know if you're going to participate so I can follow you!

For now, I am going to try to trick my body into thinking I found chocolate.


Courtney said...

Dang, you are an over-achiever. I'm proud of myself if I can blog more than once a week. I vote you just post lots and lots of pictures of Campbell.

Wendy M said...

House pics n comments, crafty pics n comments, to do lists, baby pics (no comments really needed for those!). On the date that coincides with Campbell's b'day, write him a letter about how he's changed since he was born, or a letter with hopes for his next 12 months, or even bigger view of his future. Do the same for Kennedy on the date that matches your nniversary. Write a letter to future you, too, on your birthdate.

Jamie Swindle said...

Ok totally love this idea, bc you inspire me to do DIY projects, but there's a problem. I dont know where to begin, what would be too much for my first project, ect.... So maybe you can blog something to help me..... if that even sounds fun to you. (Side note- Love the Real Housewife of Indianpolis)

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