Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Dining room sneak peek

Tonight ends Kennedy's extended weekend, and he has to go back to work tomorrow. We are rounding out a long weekend of terrible movies by finishing up Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.

(We also watched The Roommate and Straw Dogs. It is Halloween season, and we are suckers for really bad horror movies.)

We're also juuuuust about done with the dining room (just need to paint the ceiling and clean/decorate it.) But I'll leave you with a sneak peek!

Before: Look at the top left corner. That's where the roof leaked into the dining room and a bunch of drywall and plaster fell. Kennedy had to patch that hole and retexture. Hence, the ceiling paint.

After: Added trim molding around the windows, painted the walls and hung my old church window up. So much brighter in there now!

Gotta go -- Abraham Lincoln is is fighting a vampire on top of a moving train while simultaneously holding on to his friend's ankle who is dangling off the side. Amazing.

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Courtney said...

It looks SO good! I especially love the light up pumpkin

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