Friday, October 19, 2012

Big Tex and our dining room

RIP Big Tex

If you've been to the State Fair of Texas, (or as Kennedy likes to call it, 'The Outdoor Wal-mart'), then you've met Big Tex.

Well, he burned down today. While it's sad to see a 60 year old statue that changes clothes every year, I have been enjoying all the distasteful jokes rolling through on my Facebook news feed. Keep 'em coming, my inappropriate friends!

In honor of Big Tex, here is a link to a "vintage" blog post from the last time I went to the fair. It was in 2009?!?! This is shameful. I blame Kennedy. He literally said "I am never coming back here again," after only visiting the fair ONCE. Lame.

In other news, I have made plans for us this weekend, after seeing a beautiful dining room on Pinterest today.

Not sure where this image's original source comes from...Sorry about that!

Kennedy's on his way home now, and I plan on forcing him to take me to Lowe's so I can get that paint color. I also think I might have him frame out the bay window with some trim in our current dining room to beef it up. Also. I want that table. Like, NOW.

Pretty much, I plan on copying this room as much as possible.
Current dining room

I also just noticed that we have a tray ceiling in there, so MAYBE we should put crown moulding on it to look like my inspiration photo?

We, as a rule, do not use the dining room. The reason is because we can't see the TV from there. But I walk through there at least 392 times a day, and while that color is great for the Halloween, it's got to go. It's way dark in there.  

Tonight, I just have a few finishing touches to put on the nursery and then I can share it's splendor with all of you! When I'm done, it will be the only room in the house that is completely done and decorated.

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