Monday, October 15, 2012

Perfect Monday

Today, I kicked Monday's butt.

This almost never happens. Mondays and I are at odds most weeks. I purposely do not schedule ANYTHING for Mondays, because it always get ruined and I end up in a grouchy mood.

Well, today my friends, was no normal Monday. Thank goodness!

I mean, the level of productivity I achieved was unheard of. And C-baby napped like a champ. And it was beautiful outside.

AND I did something active today AND I stayed away from Dr Pepper (after a mini intervention by my darling dear husband). I was basically like the perfect human being today.

Scary though, Monday's grim reaper might get me tomorrow. We shall see!

The only thorn in my side today was that trim in the nursery. What I thought was going to be a half-hour touch-up job has turned into an hours long project that is still not done. Instead of just painting over the stupid orange spots everywhere, I discovered something heinous.

That trim is NOT WHITE. It's OFF-WHITE. I'm typing in caps because as I think about it, I grow more and more agitated. So now, I am having to paint all the trim in the room. ALL OF IT. And I'm going slow so I don't drip paint on my already painted walls.

Guess what? I'm NOT taping off. And it doesn't matter because it's just white paint. Not orange.

For a while now, the color orange will only infuriate me. Like a bull seeing red. Keep orange away from me.

So who watches The Voice? Tonight, this guy was on:

Nicholas David

And he reminded me of someone when he sang.

This guy:
Jemaine, not Bret

So naturally, I vote for Nicholas David to win the whole thing.

"Carson Daly needs to get tranquilized." -KWD

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