Monday, November 23, 2009


We're finished.

Well, kind of. Our bedroom is a disaster, but the guest quarters are complete! And might I say, beautiful. Hope that doesn't count as bragging.

I'm so excited about all the changes that were made this weekend! Our house is really transforming and coming together to feel like our home, and not you know who's ramshackle circus home. (In case you don't know who: you know who = previous owner.)

I can't concentrate on typing words as Kennedy sits behind me giggling at his iPhone and singing excerpts from one of his playlists in a really high pitched voice. Let's get down to the befores and afters.

Do you remember this?

Maybe you don't remember this. I don't think I ever posted pictures of this on the blog. Just on facebook.

OK, ready to have your mind blown????

Come stay with us!!!

Featured in this room is an antique bed frame that I bought off of craigslist (my best friend,) some side tables that Kennedy helped me make, and see that wreath? I made that! I like crafts.
Thanks Dad, for painting this room for me!


I'll miss you, truck-stop-bathroom...

In progress. Thanks Mom, for taking down the wall paper and texturing the walls!

These pictures are very dark because they're taken with my nice camera (the one I don't really know how  to use...) Not pictured: You could seriously eat off of any surface in this bathroom. It is like, the most disinfected something can possibly be.

Here's a framed piece of scrapbook paper!

Are you having fun? I know I am! Or maybe I'm delirious from working non-stop on this house. There's more...

This is our main living area. Also, a picture of the window that you can barely see on the left in the first picture.

In here, we painted. Everything. The walls. The window frame. Then we decided to leave the blinds off (not pictured above.) Then we hung some curtains and we looooove the curtains. How is it possible to love curtains? I still haven't figured out exactly how I like them to be styled, but oh well. We have yet to hang anything on the walls, but oh well. 

"Fireplace" room before.

"Fireplace" room after. What is Elvis doing????

What's next, you ask? I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the master bedroom!!!!!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

You make me feel like bloggin'

Fact: I woke up at 6:50 am this Saturday morning so I could be at work at 7:30 am.

Fact: When I came home, I worked for another 7 1/2 hours on our house to get it ready in time for Kennedy's mom's visit/Thanksgiving.

Myth: Shoe in-soles help to cushion your feet and absorb shock for a more comfortable step.

Fact: We are not finished.

Enough of that.

My parents came over bright and early this morning to help us get our house ready (at the last minute....why do we always do this???) They were here from, I'm guessing, 10 am until 8 pm, painting, texturing walls, etc etc.

You will NOT BELIEVE some of the transformations that were made in our home today. I am anticipating that we will have most everything in order tomorrow so I can share some fotografias con ellos.

Fact: A lot of my clothes smell like coffee these days, even after they have been through the laundry.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Official Webmaster!

Hey guys! I'm an official webmaster! My mother-in-law's website is finally complete and running! Go check it out:

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


My one and only weakness!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Little Green Jug

Here is my dresser reveal! The make-over is complete, and I'm quite pleased with it!


Let's get it all out there. This is in our bedroom. I'm embarrassed by the dust, and clothes on the floor, but let's all just get over it and focus on the dresser.

Notice how the bottom left drawer pull is hanging askew. When I bought it off Craigslist, it was missing a screw. So anytime I pulled the drawer out, this pull would swing out to the side.


I started off thinking I was really smart and efficient, and just bought a few cans of spray paint. That's how they always do it on HGTV. Well, unfortunately, spray paint should not be used on smooth surfaces. So, I wisened up after about 3 cans, and found some plain white interior paint on a shelf in our garage. I don't know how old this paint is....we inherited it with the house. But I think it's safe, because when I mixed it, it looked fine. I do believe there are some cans in there, though, that are "original" to the house. Meaning, 33 years old. So, we should probably discard of those soon to avoid any potential lead poisoning.

Friday night, Kennedy took me to Hobby Lobby to look at drawer pulls. DID YOU KNOW????? They have drawer pulls now! And lots of them. And really cute ones. Plus, they were all half-off.

I love Hobby Lobby.

Here is my selection:

Total cost for these knobs was $8. What a steal!!! I'll say it again.

I love Hobby Lobby.

The big reveal:

Wait for it.....

Wait for it.....

Wait for it.....

I'm hooked. I'm off to look on Craigslist for some more potential projects!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday the 13th!

Why are some people just so naturally abrasive and irritating? What is their purpose to this earth?

You know how spiders are all gross and creepy, but at least they eat flies and mosquitoes and things of that nature, so they're somewhat useful?

What is the use of a person with a pompous, completely frustrating personality?

Also, have you ever not actually met a person, but just by your knowledge of people you can tell that they will drive you insane?

Why, why, why??? And don't say "so you can learn patience." That's not WHY.

So, I've recently been inspired by this blog:

The domain name is deceiving. It is the blog of a lady in Canada who refinishes furniture. Most of the time it is a very shabby chic look (which I happen to like.) I like to learn about ordinary people doing do-it-yourself projects. It makes me feel like I, too, can do these things.

So tonight, I will.

I will repaint a green dresser (I happen to love the green color, but Kennedy doesn't, and it it kind of beaten up, so I need to repaint it.) I will paint it ivory, and I will change the drawer pulls. I will display this small dresser in my entry way, so I can see it every day as I prepare to leave, or on my way up the stairs, and think to myself "I did that."

Also, who cares about run-on sentences? (Probably the people I was talking about at the top of my blog entry.)

I do not have pictures to share this time around, but I will soon. Very.....very......soon.........


Monday, November 9, 2009

Hey Ladies...

How many articles of clothing must be sacrificed to my washing machine before I owe it no more debt????

Make sure to carefully place your spaghetti-strapped shirts and camisoles into the washing machine, away from the central spin mechanism (or whatever you might call that thing.)

And just a side-note, that I am not directing this post at ladies because it has to do with laundry, but because it has to do with spaghetti-strapped shirts. I know how offensive gender roles can be to some people these days. I'm offended that I even have to think about laundry. But such is life!

So I'm off the wagon. The food-poisoning wagon, that is. Friday night, Kennedy and I met up with Amy and Todd for some dinner at Joe T. Garcia's. Good food, great company! Those two make such a cute couple. I was digging the Joe T food experience - talk about some good rice and beans. I mean, most mexican food restaurants make that an afterthought, but I like to test my side dishes. It's the mark of an authentic dish.

Saturday morning I woke up with (I'll spare you the gruesome details) symptoms of food poisoning. (Which didn't stop me from dragging Kennedy all the way to Richardson and back for a Craigslist purchase - cramping all the way! Totally worth it, as I will share in a later post. Maybe.)

Anyway, curse that Joe T. Garcia's, right? But alas, neither Amy, Todd, or Kennedy were experiencing any of the pain I was feeling, and we all shared food. So what, then?

I thought back to Thursday night, which was the night Kennedy and I went to Macaroni Grill to redeem all those coupon's he gets from catering with them. I remember what I had. Shrimp Portofino. Shrimp with mushrooms and wilted spinach over capellini pasta, yadda yadda yadda.

So it HAD to be them. Also, it took our server about 7-10 minutes to come greet us and take our drink orders. So, bad service = bad food. So, gross.

All that to say, I was stuck in a horizontal position clutching my abdomen all weekend. And when I'm stuck lying down for an entire two days, apparently, this is what happens in the kitchen:

That's right. That trash can was up there allllll weekend. Although, in Kennedy's defense, I just got home from a meeting at work and the trash can was under the sink and had been emptied. I just put it up there to stage a scene out of reality. Another thing different is that the trash can was actually so full, that some of the trash was being set next to the can. Or on the coffee table.

But who can blame the poor man? I think he was depressed that I couldn't do anything. He was so good, just laid there too, next to me. Asking ever so often (but not too often that it was overwhelming) if I needed anything. Elvis, too. He mostly slept next to me all weekend. Then was a total monster today (due to stored up energy, I assume.)

Oh, weird. What's that thing?

Oh, hey! It's my new iPhone cover!!!!

Good for me.

Monday, November 2, 2009


Have you seen commercials for this product? It's an alternative to Botox. What a gross product. Who would ACTUALLY want to inject gel into their face just to get rid of a few wrinkles? I'm not just seems wrong. Like that Crystal-clear gravy commercial from Saturday Night Live.

Well, after my brief hiatus, I am back with a renewed energy to blog!

Let's start this off with a few pictures from Jaclyn's Halloween (Boo-yah Extravaganza.)

The theme was greek. Here we are in our homemade costumes. Sorry for the largeness of the photo, but otherwise, it looked really blurry.

I went as a golden greek goddess. Unfortunately, you can't tell in the picture that I spray painted my body with gold glitter.

Anyone want to guess what Kennedy is supposed to be? Ok, I'll just tell you. He was the very famous greek tennis player, Pete Sampras. Don't you think the eyebrows give it away? Or maybe the chest hair.

I did the eyebrows. Kennedy did the chest hair.

Now, here's Elvis's costume!

My mom made Elvis an "Elvis Presley" costume for Halloween. Unfortunately, Elvis was sick all weekend and I felt a little guilty making him wear a costume when he was throwing up every hour. So I'm going to have to find another reason to have him wear this. Maybe Thanksgiving, since it has some sort of Indian-type eagle painted on the back. Man, my mom must have spent a lot of time on this thing.

Here's another one, just because I find him to be the cutest dog ever.

So then on Saturday, as I mentioned in my previous post, Kennedy and I re-made some end tables that I made last year. Here are the finished products!

The legs are made from some old stair rails. The top is a stamped tin ceiling tile. The brown spots are dirt and rust. Yeah, I haven't gotten around to cleaning the dirt off.

Here's the top of the table. We made 2 tables.

I'm thinking these will go in a guest bedroom, as they do not currently match our existing coffee table. I'll have to work on that....maybe I'll make another trip back to that antique store. The materials for these two tables cost me $32. However, I do feel I was ripped off for the stair rails, but I'm too much of a wimp to haggle.

So, in my final news, I am pleased to say I have learned how to create blog backgrounds and layouts! (Patting myself on the back.) I am amazed at how much I have learned in the past few months. I feel that it may be more than I learned in college....? No, that can't be true. Maybe about 2 years worth of college though.

Anyway, I know a couple of people out there reading this who should probably start a blog of their own.....

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