Wednesday, October 10, 2012

DIY burlap banner

Guess what! I found a before picture to go with the Little Yellow Rocker

Also, Stephanie was the only one who guessed the title of my list the other day, but unfortunately, she was not correct. The title was "Things I can do while holding a 20+ pound baby." Super-mom over here!

On to other things.

Our mantle was sad and bare. Then I was on Pinterest and saw all these great fall mantles. So today I got the itch to do more fall decorating! I have never had time to do this before, so excuse me if I go overboard.

Let me show you how to make this - It will literally take you 10 minutes! This project was FREE for me, since I already had the burlap and twine. It would also work with a linen colored fabric or paper or really anything. So now, I'm gonna let the pictures do the talkin'.

If I get the energy, I'm gonna go pick up some leaves from outside and stick them to those branches on the mantle.
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