Wednesday, December 28, 2011


I made a key fob! And I'm obsessed with Pinterest. The two go hand-in-hand, I promise. Last night I had a sisters-in-law craft hour with Stephanie and Caroline.

To all of you who scoffed at the lanyard I've been carrying my keys on for the past year: Thank you.

I will no longer carry my keys around my neck like a dweeb. They will now be firmly affixed to my wrist, which I'm sure will be much easier to use for self-defense purposes (should the need arise.)

Oh, and of course I chose the green and gold combo to honor that good old Baylor Line!

Stephanie's Key Fob, with cute stitch lines!

(Caroline's Key Fob is not pictured, but I will pressure her into letting me get a photo of hers as well)

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Mission Accomplished

And we finished BEFORE we needed to (we have 2 weeks, 5 days til my due date, so I'm currently patting myself on the back.)

And now I will share the photos of the nursery that should hopefully feel like you are transported into the tiny bedroom on our 2nd floor. Kennedy and I have been enjoying just sitting in there in the evening and looking around the room.

Tonight, my lovely sister-in-law, Stephanie, helped us organize all his clothes by size in his closet. Honestly, it would not have gotten done if she hadn't helped us.

And honestly, the nursery wouldn't have gotten done to this extent if it wasn't for everyone else in our lives. We have been overwhelmed with the amount of love and help that our family and friends have showered us in. And maybe I'm gushing and having an emotional pregnancy moment, but it's also the truth. I almost need to cry over how undeserving I am of all this love.

STOP! I'm going to stop now, so I can share the photos! Enjoy!


Step over here and you can see the crib. Above the crib is a photo of each of our 3 dogs. Yeah. 3.

View of the daybed corner

Throw pillows made from the same fabric as the crib skirt. Headboard is an antique door that Kennedy re-stained. Above the headboard is a tree picture (center) that sister Emily drew and had everyone at my baby showers put their thumb-print on in lieu of a guestbook!

Notice the dog in the corner. This child will have no shortage of dog toys.

View from corner near the crib

Changing table/book shelf. Yes, I staged the changing table caddy with diapers and baby powder.

Pinterest-inspired bulletin board (backed with chicken wire!) We put pictures of his baby friends, family pictures, a dog calendar, etc, etc.)

View from the Diaper Genie II!

Fun projects! Printed letters from this site and hung them up.
Got an old, burned up fence picket from this fiasco, and Kennedy put 4 different knobs from Hobby Lobby on it.

AWESOME! Jaclyn made this shadow-box name with antique letter press letters. I can't stop looking at it! It's on the side-table by the rocker-recliner.

Where I'll be spending a lot of time. Sister Emily also made that adorable "C" stool next to the chair. (We have so many hand-made and thoughtful gifts that have helped furnish this nursery. It makes it all the more special!)

1AM and I'm updating my blog about the nursery? What am I, CRAZY!?! I'm going to sleep now.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Childbirth class report

-or- What NOT to do or say when accompanying your wife to Childbirth class

I believe a numbered list is most appropriate in this situation.

1. Lay down on the floor during breathing exercises.

2. Announce to the class how lazy your wife has gotten in the last trimester.

3. Chase the other pregnant ladies around with an amnio- hook.

4. When the instructor offers a chair to the pregnant ladies to prop their feet up and they all decline, but you go ahead and get one for yourself.

5. Making a baby-cry noise at the end of every breathing exercise.

6. Make disgusted faces and groans during the childbirth video.

7. Later, impersonate women in aforementioned childbirth video.

8. Ask if the instructor knows if most carpet warranties cover someone's water breaking.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

S'Mo Holiday Deco'

But first, a stream-of-consciousness interlude (with holiday overtones)!

I swear, if Cece doesn't quit with the gigantic paw-swipes across my bare skin (arms, face, neck...), she's going to be wearing Christmas mittens for the rest of her life. I will duct tape them to her if I have to.

I don't mean to be a Grinch about it, but whomever was responsible for her when she was a puppy forgot to remove those little hook-shaped claws half-way up her leg, and those suckers are SHARP.

I stopped in at Hobby Lobby today to pick up some picture frames for above the crib in the nursery. The frames will house a picture of each of the (3) dogs. I got to thinking how cute it would be to have baby pictures of our dogs in the nursery. Unfortunately, Cece and Harry both joined our family as adult dogs. Sad.

Fortunately, dogs are pretty much like babies forever! Charging camera now to take a photo of Harry.

I went outside to take some pictures of the lights Kennedy hung and it was starting to sprinkle. I thought to myself, "Good thing I'm at the end of day 2 on this hair style." If that makes sense to you, then you don't wash your hair every day. Also, the bottom half of lights on the house were out. Needless to say, Kennedy fixed them in less than 5 minutes, but I was already sitting on the couch by then. So no picture of the outside.

Do people really like to see other people's Christmas decorations? I mean, I like to see other people's decorations, but is it completely boring to post pictures of my own on my blog? Oh well. If you hate Christmas, then stop reading now. (Also, hating Christmas/Holiday lights probably makes you a terrorist. Just saying.)

The "peacock-inspired" tree in the fireplace room

Close-up of the ornaments on this tree. Working on a tree topper soon!

A terrible iPhone picture of some ornaments in a bowl on the coffee table.
When I say it that way, it really takes all the magic out of Christmas, doesn't it?
Pinterest would describe it as a "rustic holiday centerpiece."

My view from the couch every night (except the television is on and I am using the laptop - but I left this out of the photo.)

Why buy a tree skirt when you can use a fuzzy white blanket that's been balled up in the laundry room for 3 months because no one wanted to fold it?

That, my friends, concludes the holiday tour thus far. Perhaps someday I will post a photo of the outside lights. I still have more Christmas decorations to put up, so we'll see.

I hate grading papers.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Nursery Reveal!

Coming soon!

But until then, here's a picture of what we'll be hanging over the changing table...Thanks to Pinterest for the idea!

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