Sunday, October 7, 2012

Name That List!

And now it's time for another installment of Name That List!

1. Put elastic-waist pants on
2. Cook dinner
3. Put on make-up
4. Carry in all the groceries
5. Brush my teeth
6. Push a stroller 1 mile
7. Put on shoes/boots (including socks)
8. Put contacts in
9. Send a text message with correct punctuation and capitalization
10. Move heavy furniture

Let's see if anyone can guess the title!

In other news, today marks one full week of Blogtober. Still going strong! Hey look, I am actually blogging before noon!

5 minutes ago, Kennedy and I made a very important decision. That decision was to nix the nautical theme in the nursery. The reasons are many. So I will now make another list:

Reasons why we are not going to do the nursery in a nautical theme

1. Kennedy doesn't like the idea
2. I realized I don't really like the idea for his room right now
3. I didn't want to make new crib accessories and get new curtains
4. I don't want to bother with adding wainscoting to the room
5. I actually really liked the old nursery

So, with that decision comes freedom! I no longer have to sit in that orange room at night going back and forth about what I was going to do with the nursery. Now we can get to work on it. Time to go get paint!

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