Friday, October 5, 2012

Last Hurrah -or- In which I reveal my tactics to win Top Chef

You would not believe the amount of carbohydrates and refined sugars I have consumed in the past week. It's disgusting to think about, so I try not to. But right now my body is screaming at me to just feed it some vegetables already (and no, those cheesy potatoes don't count.)

Also, I was starting up a pretty consistent running routine, but it rains here like.all.the.time lately. So there is a perfect excuse to stay in and eat ice cream and garlic bread. Not at the same, because that's gross. Just one after the other.

Now I have a vision of someone dipping garlic bread into their ice cream, and it makes me wonder if it would be one of those things that someone did once as a dare and realized it was actually really good, and they got rich off of it. Like chocolate covered bacon. I'm sure that person is a BILLIONAIRE.

But maybe not, because literally everything tastes good with bacon. So I'm sure it wasn't an original thought. I might even eat olives if there was enough bacon in or around them.

So, let's recap really quick: Bacon, garlic bread, ice cream, but not olives unless there's bacon.

Also, PIZZA! You can't go wrong with pizza. I don't even know where I'm going with all this.

This is bad. I need to put "veggie tray" on my meal planning calendar next week. A one-night detox. But we better make sure we finish off the ice cream before that night! So I don't tempt myself.

Blogging every day is hard. I literally have nothing else to talk about today except for junk food. My bad.

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Stephanie Dean said...

I enjoyed your food post! Very entertaining!

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