Saturday, October 27, 2012

IKEA day trip -or- Sensory overload!

Fam-date to Cincinnati, y'all! (I'm not just saying a subtle y'all there, I'm saying it like, 'YAHWWWWUL'. Just so you know.)

2 hours there and 2 hours back, we spent some time reveling in the crazy IKEA maze, and came away with some much needed items for the house! C also had a lot of fun riding in the cart, looking at all the colors (and crazy people...what is it about IKEA that is such a magnet for crazies? Also, does that make me crazy?) <---- ALSO, yes, I meant for you to read that and then start singing the Gnarls Barkley song. I am on my 4th sugary drink of the day and it's starting to get to me.

We like to party in the cart-y

We started up in the cafeteria eating IKEA food. It's like real food, but you have to make it yourself. HAhaha, kidding, it's made already. The garlic toast is to die for! The chicken nuggets were decent and the mac and cheese was a little sub par. What? I like kids food. Sue me.

Overall, I give their cafeteria 2 out of 5 stars. 3 if you're hungry.

The problem with going to IKEA on Saturday is that it's crowded (by crazies, remember?), so it is difficult to just go spend time in a fake room on the showroom floor. It's like, you want to relax on your bed, but there are 10 other strangers touching the cardboard TV or lounging in your armchair at the foot of the bed. It just gets awkward.

Here are some things that I wanted realllllly bad, but Kennedy was strongly against them:

Aztec inspired rug

Black and white striped throw blanket

He told me "NO, we don't need more blankets. We have a million blankets." But I told him to tell me that because we really do have too many blankets. Still, it goes under the "Kennedy said no" category.

Hot dog

Kennedy didn't say no to this, but I did NOT see them in the cafeteria. If I had, they probably would've gotten 4 stars. Also, I love how IKEA covered themselves by putting "*Not actual size" in the bottom right corner of the banner.

But we DID get some good stuff while we were there.

Campbell's first high chair! (IKEA Antilop, click the picture to go to their site). Now we can take the safety seat off the kitchen table.

IKEA Vittsjo shelf for the office

Does it bug anyone else when they don't have any idea how to pronounce the product names at IKEA? I seriously cannot stop saying Vittsjo in different ways to see if it clicks. Vitts-jo? Vis-yo? Vitt-O? Frustrating!

Hem-Ness? Hemms? Ahhms? IKEA, please provide pronunciation keys for us.

Not pictured are all the stuffed rats we bought for C, along with a couple of other toys. I love IKEA toys! So cheap but for the most part, pretty good quality! We got a nice colorful wooden ring set and a circus-themed quiet book. OH, and how could I forget??

A popsicle mold!!!!!!!!

Dear IKEA, I think you're supposed to be pronounced "IDEA" because you're a good one. (crickets. crickets.)

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