Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Tiny victories

I much prefer Tuesdays to Mondays.

Today started GREAT because C slept through the night last night! Glory, glory Hallelujah! Every time he doesn't sleep through the night, I turn into a crazy-person. It freaks me out, like "OMG he's never going to sleep through the night again! He's going to be 5 and waking up crying to eat and I'm going to have to go make him some food in the middle of the night to get him to stop crying!"

I'm not even exaggerating about that anxiety. Then he sleeps through the night and I'm like "Oh yeah, he was probably just teething or something." Duh. Being a mom makes you a little psychotic.

Moving on...
You know that feeling where there are a million things to do, so you just decide to do none of them? That's how most of my day went. I needed to do some dishes...our house could stand to be vacuumed...there's laundry; oh, the laundry! 

But I didn't want to do it, so while Campbell napped, I watched the Jeff Probst Show and started a new blanket project I've been dying to try out. (Then later, I watched Friends reruns and did NOT work on the blanket.) The blanket is a faux chenille thing I've been seeing all over Pinterest. I had hoped to just power through and finish it, but that sucker is TEDIOUS. So it will probably take a few days. I almost got halfway done, and then I remembered how I challenged myself to blog every day in October.

Here's a close-up of the blanket I'm making for C. I'm getting reallllllly good at (and really sick of) sewing in a straight line.

RANDOM! It rained today, so I busted out my galoshes.

No wonder our dryer wasn't working.

I'm a night owl. So when the Sun starts to set, I become uber-productive. So, I decided to do laundry after all. Along the way, I realized the dryer wasn't drying. Cut to me peeling off a 2-inch-thick layer of dryer lint off the lint trap. 

I went to load the last of the laundry into the dryer right before it was time to put the baby down for the night, so he came with me into the laundry room. I sat him down on the floor and he patiently waited for me to be done. On the way upstairs, I noticed he was drooling like crazy and smacking his lips. When I tried to look in his mouth, he clamped his lips shut. So I did the little pinky swipe across his tongue and SURPRISE!

He had picked up a folded piece of tape with dirt and lint stuck all over it off the laundry room floor. Sneaky boy. I saved his life tonight (Does it count as saving his life if it's my fault he might have almost choked? I'll mark it in my W column for now.)

Does anyone else get as excited as I do to clean the lint trap? It's just so soft...


SheRa said...

I totally wish there was a way to turn all the lint into a really soft blanket!! I dont even care that it is a weird grey color

SheRa said...

PS, the way that the lint is pictured above, is reminiscent of a loaf of bread

Sara D said...

I like to peel the layers back and try to guess what piece of clothing or towel that layer came from. I've always thought that you really got me, Hannah.

Laura said...

The trouble with sleeping through the night is that it creates hope that it will happen again. Then, when she wakes up the next night 3 times, I lose my shit. It's a horrible cycle. I am convinced she will go to college with a swaddle blanket and having 2-3 snacks a night.

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