Saturday, October 13, 2012

Orange things

I'm in bed, my eyes filling with sleepy sand. Eyelids heavy. Then all of a sudden I remember Blogtober. Ugh.

We had a busy day over here! We took C to the pumpkin patch, and picked out a couple of pumpkins.

I took 1 million pictures of him, and then my camera died. I need to charge it so I can upload those, as well as his weekly pictures. Here's a sneak peek for now.

Cute overload

Also, C is 9 months old today! And 39 weeks yesterday. Everyone talks about how quickly they grow up, and it's true. But I wish everyone would quit saying that as if it's an original thought. Let me just pretend that he's going to be little forever.

Then! I have started the nursery make-over. It's out with the orange, in with the new. Almost. Here's a before picture to remind you how awful...I mean bright. To remind you how bright it was.


Here's the new paint color...yes, grey. Kennedy is not diggin' all the grey I keep picking, but I like it. Tomorrow, I'll start painting the trees and that cursed trim. Seriously. I aim to erase every trace of orange from this room.

I promise it will look better when it's done. And not night out.


Please. If you plan to use a bright and/or saturated wall color, tape off the dad-gum trim. Do it for our children! Our future!

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