Friday, September 28, 2012

Hair Science

Even though I am not a paid science teacher at the moment, I still have a passion and love for science. Specifically, experiments.

So one night, while perusing Pinterest, I came across this pin about an all natural hair rinse.

The idea is that instead of using harsh chemicals to clean your hair, all you really need is a simple baking soda rinse. This particular recipe also included rosemary and mint, for scent purposes I assume.

So I thought, why not? I stay at home now, so my hair doesn't really matter on most days. I had to try it. FOR SCIENCE! I did it for science.

I am one week in and here is my scientific conclusion:

Use regular shampoo for a squeaky clean feeling and regular conditioner for soft hair.

Use this all natural baking soda rinse if you want to run your fingers through your hair and feel like you just got done digging around in the garden.

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