Friday, October 26, 2012

Itsy Bitsy Spider

A lot of people were upset that I didn't blog yesterday.

No wait, NO ONE NOTICED. Thanks a lot guys. Even I didn't even notice 'til this morning. But in my defense and yours, I had nothing to blog about yesterday, so I saved us all a bit of time.

I talked earlier in the month about making C a spider costume. Then the month rolled on and I thought, "I have too much else to do, I'll just buy him one."

I didn't actively start looking for a costume though, and so he had none. Then the other day we found this adorable Panda costume that we forgot we had (thanks to the move), that my mother-in-law had brought back from China for him. It was too big at the time but NOW it is the perfect size. Love how that works out. Now I don't have to buy a costume!

Then yesterday, I got a wild hair and decided what the heck? I'll make the spider costume IF I can easily find the stuff I need at Target. And I did. Then it took 10 minutes during a tear-jerking episode of the Jeff Probst show to put together.

Side-note: Campbell will still wear the panda costume. I mean, it has panda ears and panda paws! Can't wait to put him in that and snuggle a panda.

Anyway, I thought it only appropriate to incorporate his costume into the weekly photo, so here it is in raw form (meaning, I still haven't photoshopped this week's number on it. It's 41 in case you're wondering!)

I never thought I'd love a spider so much

Out of respect for his Aunt Emily (and science!), this itsy bitsy spider has the anatomically correct 8 legs, instead of 10 like the baby in the Martha Stewart tutorial. You're welcome, Aunt Emily.

Although, maybe it's only 8 legs and the kid's arms are supposed to represent some sort of pincers? 


Courtney said...

That turned out SOOOOO good! I can't wait to see him in the panda suit!

decorayadora said...

I love you baby. You have a New follówer from Chile

Sara D said...

Thanks Courtney and Angelica!

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