Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Truth telling: A confession post

When I was younger, I wanted to be a lot of things: A veterinarian, a movie star, a housewife (score!), Dolly Parton, and at one point I wanted to be Martha Stewart.

Then she went off the deep end with all the insider trading stuff and I decided I'll just stick to crafts.

So I do crafts a lot now, or crafty things, and I love it. But for the purpose of keeping it real, I think it's time to tell some truths about me. Because I am NOT Martha Stewart, and even Martha Stewart isn't Martha Stewart. And also because I have done nothing crafty in the past couple of days and so this is what you get.

My list of confessions:

1. My car is full of trash. I literally throw all my trash onto the passenger's side floor board.
2. I drink Dr Pepper every day and I do not exercise.
3. We have toilet paper on our kitchen counter and it will probably stay there for at least 1 week (or until Kennedy gets fed up with it.)
4. Sometimes I say mean things to my dogs.
5. I intended to buy that slice and bake Halloween cookie dough at the grocery store yesterday, but they didn't have any, so I bought a Happy Birthday theme.
6. I will probably eat the cookie dough raw before it makes it to the oven. Fact: I am half-way through it already.
7. We also have cheesecake in our fridge. It will probably be gone tonight.

I don't write this list to be self-deprecating. I just want to be honest. Now here are some good things about me:
1. I recycle.
2. I NEVER skip brushing my teeth before bed.
3. I put away all our laundry last week.
4. I give my dogs loving attention at bedtime.

Yay for me! I love me and my life. I'm very lucky :-)

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