Monday, October 22, 2012

Some Feminine Balance from Dr. Banks

That title is HILARIOUS to me because Dr. Banks is not only one of my best friends (fun fact: we lived in the same room for 2 years during college! And this does not include all the time we hung out together when we didn't live together), but she is also an OB/GYN. So yes, that title is funny.

I have great friends that are talented and helpful! So while I finish up our dining room/watch reality TV, Lauren is going to do my blog post for the night so I don't fail at my Blogtober commitment.

Hello Blog world!  

I sent Sara a picture of something I semi-DIY'd tonight and she asked me to share via this guest blog entry, so here I am!  

My topic is much more girly than Sara's typical post, because my baby is a girl, and we do pink and ribbons and bows.  I will start by saying I am not a good blogger, and didn't take pictures as I went along, but I will show you the finished product and tell you what I did. 

 I also want to add that as I was making this and another craft last night in the dining room, my husband came over and said, "Oh thats cool, did Sara give you that idea?"  Apparently he thinks Sara is the only one who has ever made anything crafty. 

This is my DIY bow hanger that I finished making tonight.  It was super easy.  

Up until this point I have had a box in her dresser stuffed full of bows, clips, and headbands.  It was a mess, and I couldn't ever find the bow that I was looking for, which means my husband never even tried.  

So I picked up a cute little bird coat hanger at HomeGoods and decided to DIY it into a bow hanger.  All I did was find cute ribbon, cut it into several strands (I alternated long and short), and hot glue the ribbon onto the back.  I clipped on the clips and bows to the ribbon, and hung the headbands from the hooks, and VOILA!  Easy.  

Here is another picture.  

I did not DIY the growth ruler on the closet door, but I totally could have if I wasn't so lazy...I mean busy...
 I also DIY'd this.  Its my cutest craft ever :)

Thanks Lauren! Here are a few more fun facts to close us out:
  • Lauren was on call at the hospital the night I went into labor and was able to make sure me and the fam got the royal treatment. I give her partial credit for having the easiest birth experience ever.
  • One day we could be in-laws, if all goes as planned, muahaha.
  • She is not lazy, she is really busy. Like all the time. And with stuff like delivering babies and saving people's lives. And I don't know how she does it, plus had time to do my blog post for me.

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