About Sara

Wife to Kennedy. Mom to Campbell. Dog-mom to Elvis and Cece. Bravo reality TV junkie.



Now this is the story all about how my life got flip-turned upside down. No wait, wrong person.

Once upon a time, I met the love of my life at college. He instantly fell in love with me, and I took some time to warm up to him (Um, yeah right. He doesn't even remember the first time we met.)

5.75 years into our marriage, we are on our 3rd state (South Dakota, Texas, and now Indiana), our 1st kid, and our 1 billionth joke. (There is a running competition in our household over who is funnier. It can get kind of obnoxious over here.)

When we're not telling incredibly lame jokes and trying to out-do each other, we're constantly updating/DIYing/decorating/renovating whatever house we live in. Hence the name, "Project City".

I think that about covers it! If not, feel free to ask! 
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