Saturday, October 31, 2009

All Hallow's Eve

Dude, it's 9:50. Why are people still bringing their greedy little kids around for candy? Shouldn't they be in bed by now? We turned our lights off.

Kennedy and I are enjoying a delightful night in with home-made pizza and scary DVD rentals. We are currently watching Trick 'r' Treat, which doesn't look too promising at this point. Thus, I am blogging.

This is my last day of BEDIO! I'm glad. Also, I forgot to blog yesterday, but who am I kidding? I quit a long time ago.

Sick. The fat kid from Bad Santa just literally vomited his guts out. What is this movie you rented, Kennedy?

Today, I went to an antique store here in town. It was wonnnnnnnnnnnderful! There were so many things I wanted in there. I settled on some stamped tin and some old stair rails. With those items, Kennedy and I vamped up some side tables that I made last year out of old wood when we re-did our deck. So these tables are made of 100% recycled materials. Now I'm just waiting for the adhesive to dry.

Tomorrow, or maybe if I ever feel like blogging again, I will post pictures of the tables. Also, maybe I'll post picture of Kennedy dressed as Pete Sampras!


Courtney said...

Well you did it! Very impressed and I'll be surprised if you ever feel like blogging again too!

Joanna Noel said...

ohh..I love antigue shopping! When I lived in texas I worked in Gladewater wich is the antigue capital of East Texas..Loved it!

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