Tuesday, October 6, 2009

"Purple Jesus"

Listening to ESPN in the background - not by choice, but it just happens to be what Kennedy is watching in the other room. For those of you who want to know what "Purple Jesus" is... it's Adrian Peterson of the Minnesota Vikings. See? Who says I don't know anything about football?

I just got back from taking Elvis on a walk. It's been cloudy here all day - it's looked like it was 7pm since about 8am. Depressing! I have to take advantage and get him out before it starts raining each day.

So, while I was on a walk, I had a great idea.

Before I say what it was, I will just pause to mention a few things.

1. I used to HATE walking the dog. Especially in high school, with the family dogs. It wasn't that I didn't love them, but it was that I didn't appreciate them. How sad. I lost many valuable years of dog love due to my selfish teenage attitude. Even after getting Elvis, I didn't really enjoy walking him at first. Maybe because it was usually just so cold (in SD) that I didn't want to be outside? At any rate, Elvis didn't really get regular walks until we moved back to DFW and moved in with my parents. Then, my mom would walk Elvis every morning before she went to work, and every evening when she got home. He got spoiled.

2. Elvis is very hyper, and I've found that taking him on a long walks really calms him down once back in the house. Emphasis on long, because a short walk will just get him all hyped up.

3. Through watching The Dog Whisperer, I have learned that exercise is vital to the health of a dog.

So, walking through my neighborhood, I noticed that almost every single house has at least one dog. Have I ever seen these dogs? No. I could simply hear them barking from behind a fence.

This brings me to my idea!!! I have decided to start a "Walk Your Dog" campaign. I felt so sad for the dogs we walked past. They were just dying to get out and run around. A lot of these dogs are large, and cooped up in a small backyard.

Why do people have dogs? Why do people get dogs and then leave them outside and only see them when they are giving them food and water? This is no better than a dog living out its years in an animal shelter or a cage. I wish I could go door-to-door and offer to walk everyone's dogs, but I simply do not have enough arms.

For now, my "Walk Your Dog" campaign will be confined to the internet. I will encourage people who read this and have dogs to make a "dog walking" commitment. Once a week? Three times? Every morning? Make a commitment and stick with it! Your dog will thank you.

Not literally, but maybe it will jump up and lick your nose or something.

If you read this, and don't have a dog, encourage friends and family with dogs to give their pets the necessary exercise to keep them healthy!

Family Dogs




Me (yuck!), Elvis and my dog-niece, Heidi having a cuddle last Christmas.

Cute Heidi should have a photo by herself...

"Yucky" Lucky, our dog-cousin!

Beautiful Chloe Pederson, who has taken it upon herself to become Elvis's mother.

Schmook Graham. I've only met him once but he's still family.


Courtney said...

Wow, that's a lot of dogs. But you're right. That's the main we reason we don't have a pup right now even though I would love to. We just don't have the time or space for one and we don't want to be unfair to it.
Good idea on the campaign, I'm really enjoying your blog everyday. =)

Stephanie Dean said...

Oh Sara how I love being your sister-in-law! I loved the post!

Amy Pagitt said...

You know, while you're searching for the perfect job, I bet you could make a little extra cash by walking neighbors' dogs... and it would be such a treat for those doggies, too!

Lauren said...

Aww...I'm sad you don't consider Izzie part of your dog family:(

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