Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sara M.D. Coincidence???

If I were a doctor, I'd be willing to bet that I have a slipped disc in my lower vertebrae.

Thankfully, I'm not a doctor.
Otherwise, I'd still be in school right now.
Otherwise, every time I tried to self-diagnose, I'd be right.
Otherwise, (if I was right all the time,) I'd have thyroid cancer /a blood clot in my left leg / a slipped disc in my vertebrae /kidney stones /exercise-induced asthma.


Ok, no lie, I literally spent 7 hours sitting at this very computer today doing "web design." There's no need to put it in quotes, I guess. So I'm redesigning my mother-in-law's webpage, and it's extensive.

She pretty much has a web empire. I hope I'm doing it right... Just kidding! I'm loving it. I get to put every single item in it's place and organize it and design it. I'm a huge fan of consistency. There has been a lot of tedious work, and I feel like I have found my higher calling. That calling being, to put things in their exact order and reference them to their proper places.

Elvis got out today.

And not like, right in front of my eyes out. But more like, we're sitting around wondering "where's Elvis?" out.

So, I'm sitting at the computer during hour 8 of my time here, and I hear him bark. But not the kind of bark where he's behind me in the back yard. It was the kind of bark where he was really close, like in front of me. Then I looked out the window and that little sucker was sitting out in the driveway, barking at the roof. Maybe a squirrel was up there, but it was raining out, so I think all the squirrels were inside of trees.

I immediately ran outside, and there he stayed. Just sitting in that spot, hangin' out. He's so freaking cute.

He was covered in huge brown leaves. How did they even stick to him that well? I called him in to eat dinner and he ran inside, but those leaves, they just kept on sticking to him.

The story I just told was very anti-climactic. I apologize.

So I lied yesterday when I said this was going to be the best blog entry of my life. But what do you expect from someone who was on the computer for 9 hours already today?

Also, I ate 5 cookies after dinner.

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