Friday, October 23, 2009


Nothin' like the smell of swiffer wet-jet solution filling your house. It really makes you feel clean and fresh!

Elvis is lovin' it. He can't stop laying all over the floor!

Tomorrow we are hosting a little post-wedding shower for my bro, John, and his new wifey, Laura. There will be LOTS of family here. I'll try to remember to snap some pictures to put up. Kennedy and I have been cleaning like crazy all day. Where did all this dust come from? There were piles and piles of it in every nook/cranny (gross phrase by the way.)

I guess that's what happens when you live in an old house, the coils in your AC unit are dirty, and you don't have any air filters inside them. We should get on that!

Cleaning puts me in a good mood, because it doesn't feel like I'm living in such a hell-hole. I will probably look back on this time in about 5 years and think, "How did we live like that????"
Well, I hope that's what we're thinking. I hope we're not still living like this.

It's really not terrible, but there is SO MUCH I envision for this house, and it is frustrating to not be able to do those things yet.

For example, maybe I could do the floors something like this:

And then I could put up some wainscoting like this:

And I could someday get a washer/dryer like these:

Ooooooh, if I had those things, I bet I'd wash clothes that weren't even dirty! And when I ran out of clothes, I bet I would commandeer strangers and ask if I could do their laundry. Or I could just go shopping and wash NEW clothes!

I bet I'd spend all my time in that laundry room. Especially if it had this:

And this:

I can't wait!!!!

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Stephanie Dean said...

Your wish list looks like mine!

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