Saturday, October 3, 2009


WOW! I almost forgot about my commitment to blog every day. That only took about 2 days. I thought it'd  be easier than this.

Today we took Elvis to Barktoberfest at Fort Woof.

Unfortunately, I forgot to bring in my camera, so I didn't get any cute pictures of Elvis. So I'll have to post a "mental picture."

Elvis. Black t-shirt with a skull and the word "BOO" underneath it. 5 million other dogs and my scaredy-cat dog clinging for dear life to Kennedy's leg.

I stayed up until midnight last night working on a costume for him, and then decided that it looked TOTALLY crappy and threw it away. So instead he wore a dog t-shirt from Wal-Mart (that technically, was never paid for....but that's another, totally innocent story.)

Speaking of Wal-Mart, I bought a clearance wasp killer there the other day!
While trimming the bushes in the backyard a couple of weeks ago, I was unsuccessfully attacked by a swarm of wasps. There was a gigantic nest in a bush right next to the patio. I decided that I needed to do something - I needed to protect my family!

For some reason, I really felt the need to stay "green". I didn't want to spray harmful CFCs into the environment, and a part of me even felt bad about killing the wasps. I mean, I disturbed their nest, and they flew out at me, but I wasn't stung. It seemed like a sign of good faith on their part.

However, I didn't feel bad enough to not buy this thing.

Basically, there's an attractant in there so the wasps fly in, but can't get out. They die "naturally." I waited two weeks (during which time it was wasps come out when it's raining?) but the thing was empty.

Well, luckily, I bought back-up. An aerosol can full of wasp killer. I had Kennedy spray it because I'm afraid of wasps. Duh!

Then miraculously, 3 days later, I looked inside and found not one or two, but FIVE dead wasps. Victory was mine!

Here's a close-up of the damage.

If wasps were cuter, no one would want to kill them.

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Stephanie Dean said...

Oh my goodness you crack me up! I just love reading your blog and I love that you are blogging everyday. I am going to do my best to join your challenge, it will only work if Stinson brings home the computer every day.

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