Saturday, October 10, 2009

Texas, Our Texas

SNL is on!!! I'm missing it! I'm missing it! Oh, wait. I always miss it.

Today was a special day. Today was the first time Kennedy has ever been to the State Fair of Texas. Our fair is, I believe, unlike any other state fair. I cannot prove this statement, as I've never been to another state fair. So this is purely Texas pride and hear-say, but it is a unique fair. Ok, maybe it's just one of the biggest? Anyway, Kennedy had never been. Jaclyn was able to get us in for free, thanks to Don's parking pass. Cool!

Good friends, good food, fun times, mullets!

I think I will let the pictures speak for themselves.

The famous State Fair of Texas Ferris wheel, tallest ferris wheel in the Western Hemisphere!

Me with a rooster!

The rest of the group and Big Tex.
L-R: Leticia, Jaclyn, Ryan, Kennedy

Fun Facts about Big Tex!

HEIGHT: 52 Feet
WEIGHT: 6,000 Pounds
HAT: 75 Gallon, measuring 5 feet high
SHIRT: The Williamson-Dickie Company will cover TEX's 30 foot chest with a shirt that
 has a 100 inch neck and 181 inch long sleeves.  

BELT: 23 feet long, with a 50 pound buckle
PANTS: Size 284W x 185L. The inseam is 200 inches, the fly is 56 inches long and his pants weigh a total of 65 pounds.  
BOOTS: Size 70, measuring 7 foot 7 inches high

Here's a better picture of B.T., with the Texas flag to his right, and the ferris wheel to his left.

Jaclyn and myself on some foot massage machine.

Sic 'em Bears! Too bad we lost...

The Marine Corps Marching Band - sounded amazing!

Ryan wears a Bump-it!

This...this is what won the annual fried food contest. Does it get any more disgusting than this?

All in all, a fun day!

Last night, Kennedy and I got home from dinner. We went upstairs to change and while up there, Elvis started barking like crazy downstairs. We figured, 'what else is new?' and ignored it for a few minutes. Kennedy finally went down, thinking he just needed to go out, and shortly after, I hear Kennedy saying "Sara! Come here now!"

I ran down to see what the deal was, and there, sitting in our laundry room as Elvis barks and barks.....

....was a cat!

How did it get into our house? Who knows. This is the cat I was talking about in the previous post. I believe this cat thinks it's owners live here. Sadly, they have moved away. 

I'm worried. If a cat found its way into our house...what is next??? Oh my gosh, I hope it's not a possum. Those things are ugly!

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Amy Pagitt said...

you should adopt the cat PURELY for the sake of making lolcat pictures! please?!

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