Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Halloween is near and I'm scared in my house! My husband is growling and meowing from upstairs! SCARY!

And now, for a Halloween story:

In college, I volunteered at the Methodist Children's Home. I loved it. I spent every Wednesday night there. The kids were mostly junior high-high school age, and you know how the attitude goes there.

One Wednesday night, a group was making cards for a local nursing home as a service project. The assignment was to make Halloween cards, since that was the next holiday.

Later, while going through the cards, my friend (who was in charge of the group) found a particularly moving one.

The outside read "BOO!" with a picture of a ghost on it.

Inside, the card simply said "your old."


Tomorrow, I think I'll blog THE BEST BLOG OF MY LIFE. It's gonna be huge. I can feel it.

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