Thursday, October 1, 2009

It's bloggin' time!

This... what we found on our back patio on Kennedy's birthday. We were about to walk out the door to my doctor's appointment, when Kennedy noticed that our patio ceiling had collapsed. Woohoo! MORE work on this house? Could we be so lucky?!

I have actually enjoyed putting work into this house; making it our own. The possibilities are endless, which can be overwhelming at times. But overall it's exciting to put in the work and come out with a sense of accomplishment.

BUT...this list just keeps growing. Luckily, my parents gave Kennedy a new miter saw for his birthday. So this past weekend, Kennedy and my dad, then Kennedy and I worked to cover this dead-rat-wasp-nest-mice-skull-infested ceiling. It went faster and easier than we'd anticipated, thankfully!

 our progress! The boards are up, it looks great, and all we have left is to paint it white!

Yesterday, while sitting in the office (which is at the front of the house), I heard squirrels running back and forth in between the gutters and the soffits...

...Oh, I think I have plenty to blog about every day in October.

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