Sunday, October 25, 2009

Ken & Sara plus 40

That's right, 40 people in our house yesterday! All of them my family, but this does not even represent 1/3 of my family. Crazy, right???

So, I forgot to blog yesterday. I didn't think it would happen and it happened. I was busy all day, cleaning the house for the party, hosting that party, cleaning up after the party, then watching Kennedy and John, then Kennedy and Patrick, then Patrick and Emily play video games. All the while, Laura and I were complaining about how boring it is to watch someone play video games. Come on, there are perfectly good reality shows on, people!

Anyway, the party was fun. To give you an idea of the crowd, here are a few pictures.

Some of the family sitting along the wall playing the newlywed game

Eating/Watching the newlyweds open gifts

Kennedy picking on small children.
*Fun fact!* Katelyn was one of the flower girls in our wedding!

The happy couple plus their baby, Heidi.

Well I just got back from a walk with Elvis. Sadly, on our walk, we discovered a deceased cat lying at the end of a neighborhood driveway. I looked closer and the cat had a collar, but that was as close as I wanted to get to it, as it had several flies already buzzing around.

I got Elvis a new harness the other day, and I feel very good about myself. Firstly, I bought a harness (at Wal-mart) on sale for $4.00. To make a long story short, I had to exchange it and ended up getting $4.12 back in return. Basically, I got it for free.
Best purchase I ever made!
How did I go so long without a harness for my poor dog? All this time, he's been choking and coughing, trying to pull on the leash. Now he can pull to his heart's content and I don't have to worry about hanging him.
Here's the new harness, (for all those on the edge of their seats?)

New harness, plus his big head and short legs. He's just so dang cute!

The view I have when walking him. Now everyone can feel like they're walking Elvis!

Sorry if this is turning into a Dog-Blog.

Here, let me make it up to you.


Christine said...

Hi Stephanie. Your dog is so cute! Love the harness too.

Courtney said...

Ha ha, that's my older sister and apparently she thinks this is Steph's blog. I'll need to correct her on that.
Looks like you guys had fun!

amy Pagitt said...

Aw, Elvis looks SO handsome in his new little harness.

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