Wednesday, October 14, 2009

"I think so..."

Starbucks called.

I'll back-track for a second and say that a few weeks ago, I applied at Starbucks. To my surprise, they said they were probably going to be hiring soon. So, woo-hoo?

The manager called me today to set up an interview. I was caught off guard. I've been looking for a job for....almost 6 months? wow. When I started looking for a job, I really had no idea it would take this long. And so far, I have received ZERO phone calls to schedule an interview.

Anyway. Like I said, I was caught off guard. I think he said something like "Are you still interested in working at Starbucks?" In my mind, I was saying "no! no! Nooooooo!" I don't really want a job. So, me being me and finding it hard to tell a white lie, I told him, "I think so..."

He quickly rebutted with "You think so???" Ugh. WHY did I say that? I should have lied. At any rate, we got past it and set up an interview for tomorrow. Let me go on record as saying I have mixed feelings about  this. No, I don't want to work at Starbucks. I want to work from home doing something fun and playing with my dog whenever I feel like it. But I want/need a job. I want/need a paycheck. I want/need to SHOP!

Do you think Starbucks would let me bring Elvis to work with me?

I don't know how the interview will go. If I don't get offered the job, well, then, I probably have no business having any job, right? But I don't know how it would go over that I'm going to be gone for 9 days over Christmas. We'll see...

I severely need to wash my face. And do a Hydroxy-mask.

SO!!!!! Kennedy and I painted like allll day. We did the front entry/downstairs hallway/stairwell/upstairs hallway. We are just about done but gave up with only a few corners and some edges along the ceiling to do. We were both in a bad mood and tired and ready to quit and Kennedy's face was swelling by the second from allergies.

We chose a green for all of these areas that were previously the worst shade of grey you can imagine. I haven't taken pictures yet, as we are not completely finished. I'll let you just imagine what shade of green we chose and if it's nice or not. Oooooh, the suspense!

The thing about painting is, it only creates more work for yourself. Now I have to go back and re-paint all the trim white so it looks as nice as the walls. Now I need to find things to hang on the walls that coordinate with the green. Sigh. What a burden I carry.

My mouth hurts. I have several canker sores sprinkled throughout my gum-line. I'm a little embarrassed typing that, but what's done's done, right? It hurts! I couldn't eat tomato soup tonight, and I am wincing at the thought of brushing my teeth tonight, (not that that will stop me!)

I'm feeling restless. Wish me luck (or maybe un-luck) on my interview tomorrow!


Courtney said...

Good luck on the interview today? At least you would get a discount on your drinks!

hungeryjack said...

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