Saturday, October 17, 2009

It's not easy being green

Hey! How about that last blog? I know I put the whole post in the subject line, because my iPhone wouldn't let me type in the text box. Kinda fun, kinda different. I like to shake things up, I guess!

I'm sure you're all wondering who Kevin is, too. He's a french bulldog. And hilarious and I told his owner he should have his own reality show. Believe it or not, Elvis is kind of a dud at the dog park. He just walks around and sniffs the fence and follows dogs who are playing, but doesn't join in. That's right, my kid is a nerd on the playground.

And for some reason right now, my mouse is not wanting to scroll down. It does that every once in a while...maybe when I've been scrolling too much? It's pretty annoying. I want a MacBook! Someone buy it for me for Christmas! Actually, what I think I'll start doing on here is keeping a Christmas list. Would anyone buy me stuff off of it? Maybe my mom would...I know she's reading this.

Ok. Guess what! I took some pictures of the green in the entry way (not that anyone is waiting around wringing their hands for these pictures, but it's been a while since I posted any before-after pictures. That's because we haven't done anything in a while!)

I'll quit blabbering and show them to you.

The day we moved in...

After I painted the risers...Notice the gaggy gray on the walls...

And the new pale green!

We love the green, but I will say it before anyone else gets the looks like the same color. Well, it's not. But, at night, when there isn't any natural light on the paint, it looks exactly the same as before. And I took this picture as the sun was going down. Also, the new paint is a flat finish, while the one before was a high-gloss. Maybe because high-gloss is easier to clean - not that they ever did any of that around here....I swear it's green!

Right now, the entry way is very unwelcoming. We have can lights in the ceiling. Literally, it looks like they made the lights out of tin cans. They're gross. Eventually, we are going to need to re-do the ceiling there and put a different lighting fixture in. Something with better lighting and a little more stylish.


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