Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I'm so lucky! I got home from Bible study, and Kennedy had cleaned the house. How is it even possible that he cleaned so much in such a short amount of time? I mean, our house wasn't trashed, but I had let the place go the past couple of days.

I still can't keep up with the dishes. Or the trash. How are we so lazy that we can't open the cabinet to put something in the trash can? We have to just set it all on the counter? Geez...It didn't seem that bad until I just typed it out loud.

At any rate, what a wonderful husband I have!

Meanwhile, Elvis just somehow figured out how to unzip the cover from his dog bed, chew on the zipper until it is no longer zippable, and begin pulling the dog bed insert out of the cover. Anyone know where I can find a chew-proof cover?

Tomorrow is gonna be a fun day! Painting, painting, painting! We've decided on green, but not sure which shade. I'll let you know how it turns out.

I'd be lying if I said this house hasn't been depressing me the past week or so. Everywhere I look, there's something that I want to fix, but don't have any of the materials to do so. OR, I don't want to really fix it because I just want to rip it out and start from scratch. The master bathroom is especially depressing.

1970s motif. Psychedelic wall paper that is peeling at every seam and corner. Overly-huge garden tub that I will never use because I'm afraid it leaks into the kitchen. Missing tile pieces on the shower stall.

I have never avoided a bathroom as much as I've avoided this one. One day, when we demolish it and remodel it, you will have to drag me out of there. I can't wait...to spend all my time in the bathroom.....huh? What?

So. Some of my favorite blogs have tons of pictures. Like, in every post. I love those kinds of blogs. I enjoy pictures. I'm a visual person. I feel as though, each time I don't add a picture to a blog post, that I have failed. That I was lazy and didn't plan ahead. The truth is, the blog has been an afterthought throughout the day. I enjoy sitting down and writing once I think about it, but it's not consuming my thoughts throughout the day. Probably a good thing. But, I like to share pictures. I think I'll just put some old ones up that are irrelevant to this blog post. It's kind of cheating, but still...better than nothing, right?

This photo was taken in Sioux Falls this past...February? It was the first time I got out and tried out the new fancy camera I got for Christmas. It is an old Orthodox Church near one of my favorite antique stores there in town. I don't know what kind of Orthodox Church it is. Sadly, the antique store burned down one day a few weeks before we moved away.

This is a cute picture of Elvis at Falls Park in Sioux Falls. I can't remember if I took this or if Kennedy did. I'll gamble and say I did.

Another Sioux Falls picture - stormy clouds. Maybe I'm feeling a little nostalgic about my time there...

Here's one of my favorite pictures. This is before my dad had any interest in Elvis. But Elvis knew. He knew they'd become best friends.

Me and Kennedy goofing off at Amy's birthday night out.

Random, but I can't stop thinking about web design. I think I'll go play with it right now.

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Joanna Noel said...

I totally now what you mean in the chewing the zipper off..my terrior did that ALL THE TIME! I finally just gave up! LOL!

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