Friday, February 22, 2013


Oh yeah, last year we started decorating our dining room, and we've been done for a while. But I was too lazy to clean it. Then I finally did and I was too lazy to take some pictures. Story of my life. Get over it. But I'm here now, and that's what counts.

Here are a few posts about our dining room if you want to create some suspense for yourself before you look at the final product.
Haha, I just looked at them and realized that it took us several major holidays to complete this and share it. And we pretty much just needed to paint in there. That just goes to show you that there's no need to rush to finish a room. Take your time! Take Halloween. And Christmas. And New Years...and Valentine's day.

Also, just to remind you, here is my inspiration photo that I found on Pinterest and decided I needed to have that specific room in my life. But since I couldn't, I decided to just try to copy it a little.

Source unknown

And here is what the dining room looked like when we bought the house.
And here is our dining room now.

On the far left are two framed pictures from vacations we have taken. The top is an art print of a beach in St. John and the bottom is a photo I took on our Christmas vacation to Hawaii a couple of years ago.

Hanging in the window is an antique stained glass window from a church in Omaha. Kennedy got it for me as a Valentine's gift (I think it was Valentine's?) one year when we were living in Sioux Falls. He bought it using gambling money.

In the right corner is a novelty sized plate and fork and spoon. Kennedy hates it, so we compromised. He let me hang it up, but it had to be in a corner that he didn't look at very much.

And on the far right is a grid of B&W wedding photos I hung. It was a real cuss to hang up and get straight and level and lined up. NEVER DOING THAT AGAIN. (Who am I kidding? I'll probably do it again.)

Grid wall straight on.

Love our $25 Goodwill light fixture. It's EXACTLY what I was looking for, and we saved ourselves $225 by looking at Goodwill first.

The only thing I'm still contemplating is adding a couple of curtains on either side of the big window...Not sure it would look ok because of the way the windows butt up to ceiling. Hmm...

Last view of the giant mirror I dug out of a neighbor's trash. I might end up painting the frame, but for now it works, and gives me a place to look in the mirror and laugh at how ridiculous it is that I haven't washed my hair all week.

Ok! That's the dining room! Never to be eaten in or used. NEVER!

And also, while I was looking at photos on our computer, I came across our engagement pictures. Taken 7 years ago. I thought it appropriate to share since you also just looked at our wedding photos. Don't know why, but looking at ourselves from 7 years ago makes me laugh.

I couldn't even fit into those jeans if someone paid me a million bucks.
"You could try, but you would not be successful." --Name that show!

So young. So naive. So thin. 


Lisa said...

Friends. Ross. Boom. I think it was the Ross/Russ episode?

Sara Dean said...

Lisa wins in record time!

Wendy M. said...

When we bought our new house, the prev owner had the curtains in the master bedroom hung from the ceiling. Not sure how to post a pic or link here, but I'll post one to my FB. Maybe that could work?

Michel said...


I think the window looks great without curtains. However, if you really want them, you could hang them all the way at the ceiling on the wall part in front of the window, then pull them back at either side so they frame the window. Many decorators recommend hanging curtains from the ceiling height anyway.

Another option, if you want them closer to the actual window, would be to cut 1x2s the width of the gaps between the windows and then wrap them in fabric. Then, you'd basically drape the fabric over the 1x2 the way you want it to look and staple it to the wood. Then, you'd attach the wood to the ceiling where you want the curtain to hang. Does that make any sense? LOL.

Sara Dean said...

Michel, I think I understand...are you talking about a roman shade type covering? I like the windows open too...just trying to think of a way to keep the dogs from looking out and barking all the dang time!

william and brittany said...


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