Tuesday, February 19, 2013

3 Mini Mirrors

I think it's no secret that I like cheap things. If I can get something brand new and ridiculously cheap, then sure, I'll buy it. But if I can't? Well then I'll go to a thrift store. And/or I will make it! What's my magic number? I love things that are $3.00 and under. I don't know why, but something that is over $4.00 seems outrageously expensive to me.

Gather 'round children, and I will tell you the story about some mirrors that I made out of plate chargers from Thrift Town.

It goes like this: One day, I was at Thrift Town and I found a set of 4 silver plate chargers. Then, I went to Hobby Lobby and bought some round mirrors in the candle section. 

I glued them together with craft glue and added a hang-y D-ring hanger thingy on the back. 3 mini mirrors were born.

Then they sat in boxes for MONTHS after we moved. I randomly unpacked them one day and decided they were plain and boring. So I bought a white paint pen and went to town.

FACT: The best types of crafts are the ones that take 5-10 minutes and can be done in front of the TV.

What? Yes, they're sitting on the couch. No, I still don't know where I want to hang them. But they look better than they did before, so we're getting somewhere.

And now! Here are some close-ups of the easy doodles I drew on the mini-mirrors!

Does it get any easier than dots?

Chevron. Duh. You can't decorate something these days and not use chevron.

Vertical lines in a brick pattern. Look closely at how imperfect that is! I love this project. A project that looks better the more imperfect it is.


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