Sunday, September 16, 2012

Kitchen words

I have different sets of words for different situations.

There are my casual words that I use in conversation with people I know really well: 
  • "Iunno" - I don't know
  • "Meh" - I don't care
  • Kennedy says I scoff anytime I have to get up and do something I don't want to do, but he "doesn't know how to spell that."
  • "Oooooooh yeah!" - Good idea! or I want that! 

I have my driving words, which are not to be repeated in a public forum. Now that I think about it, I have dog words that are very similar.

There's obviously professional language, which I don't have much need for these days, but I still like to practice it on retail professionals.

Let's not forget baby talk! Sometimes I accidentally baby talk the wrong things, which can get awkward. And if you're a victim of it, I'm sorry. I went my whole life ridiculing those who baby-talked. And now here I am.

Isn't language funny? 

So anyway, I made a sign for my kitchen. It appropriately reminds me to "EAT" and is strategically placed over my pantry door. Aren't I funny? Like I'd ever forget to eat...

STEP 1: Buy these cardboard/paper mache letters at JoAnn Fabric - I got the 12" size, I think they have some smaller as well.

STEP 2: Paint them.

STEP 3: Hang them in a redundant place (like above the pantry!)

I would've done Bon Appetit, but it cost 3 times as much.
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