Wednesday, September 5, 2012

New House: The Basement!!!!

I'm pretty excited about having a basement. It's probably because there are no windows down there, so I can just hole up and watch TV for hours on end. (Not that that is a reality any more, but the idea is nice!)

I originally put this post on hold because a lot of potential disasters were thrown our way before we closed on the house. I was afraid I had jinxed it because I was blogging about my plans for the house before it was our house. So I stopped. Then the boxes. Then the flood. Then the fans.

So now we are here. And still with the boxes, but I need a break from those.

Here's the basement!

I won't say I've got a theme planned, but I have a "concept" for the room. I want a light, coastal feel (aka beach theme.) The red walls will get a treatment kind of like this:

Except I think we decided to do them vertical and spaced out way more. Same effect, WAY LESS WORK. Also, everywhere that is red will be painted with white. Weird for me to paint a wall white, but as I mentioned before, there are no windows down there, so it's pretttttty dark.

When we moved in, the couch we had planned to put down there did not fit down the stairs. BUMMER for me, because I'm cheap. 

Anyway, we had to buy a new couch, and guess what? We got a sectional. Because we are sectional-aholics. But it was the only way to ensure that it would fit down the stairs. The sectional looks somewhat like this, although the configuration is a little different, as well as the fabric (we got a microfiber that feels/looks like velvet) and it's a little lighter grey than this one.
We also purchased a new TV console for the room which I LOVE but am too lazy to take a picture of at the moment. It's long and low and has a greyish driftwood finish.

What am I most excited about for this room, you want to know? Well, we just happen to have an extra mini-fridge and microwave lying around, so I am going to make a snack bar! I'm way too excited about these snacks, and in preparation for this snack bar, I have been pinning lots and lots of dessert popcorn recipes.

My name is Sara and I like to set up my house so that I never have to leave it. (If you knew me during my freshman year of college, you know what I'm talking about.)

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