Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Goal Setting

Ding-dong, the Serve Pro fans are gone! That's not to say that the problem was solved. We have some buckled floors which will have to be replaced. Currently, the refrigerator is still displaced in the dining room, along with one of the cabinets they ripped out. We have to wait for the floors to be fixed to put those back. I will take it though! I can HEAR THINGS in my house again. I feel like I've recovered from temporary deafness, and I am feeling free!

In lieu of my most recent victory, I have made a goal list for the day and have made some progress. See my list below.

In addition, I am including some photos of DIY inspiration I took while out shopping last weekend. Can't wait to make these things for our house! But alas, I must get item 1 done off my goal list before I will allow myself any DIY fun.

Also, I will soon be sharing the office and basement plans, so stay tuned!

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