Monday, August 27, 2012


The content of this post is not exaggerated. It is real and true as I am literally experiencing it at this present moment.

We have 5 industrial fans and two industrial de-humidifiers in our house right now.
(In the kitchen)

Take a second and imagine what one of those industrial fans at Sam's and Costco sound like. Now multiply it by 10. Now put it in a contained area.

NOW, add 3 stir-crazy dogs to that contained area.

Are you still with me?

Ok, because I'm not done yet.

Make sure you have accounted for the fact that the fans are messing up the way your thermostat reads the internal temperature, so now you only have 2 temperature settings to choose from: North Pole or Hell.

And you don't really get a choice, it's just going to be one of those. Yesterday it was Hell.

Now, imagine that you are stuck in this contained area, bound to the whimsical schedule of contractors and delivery men. In case you are unfamiliar with their schedules, it's simple because they're all the same. It's whenever the hell they feel like it.

Normally, I'd just deal with it, but I am literally trapped in this wind tunnel with 3 barking dogs and a defenseless baby.

Plus, we are out of milk so I couldn't have cereal this morning.

Also, update! We have 1 million boxes left to unpack (minus 3 we unpacked last night).

Picture me internally screaming because I don't want to wake the baby.

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Nicki Turnbow said...

Seriously your posts crack me up!

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