Friday, August 24, 2012

A day in the life

1 week in to my official housewife gig, I'm loving it. Campbell is really a joy to be around all day. I miss him when he is taking his nap(s). Since I have no pictures to share of house progress, (all we've done so far is paint one room, which is actually a dramatic difference, but there's only so much you can say about a painted room. It used to be that color and now it's this color,) I will tell you about my new schedule.

Here's a list of today's events in a somewhat chronological order.

-Wake up from 8 straight hours of sleep!!!!!!!!!! (This is huge, please don't let me jinx it.)
- Feed baby
-"Shut up Cece!"
- Shut ups for Harry and Elvis as well...
- More sleep
- Feed baby
- Morning coffee
- Avocado (followed by gagging)
- "Shut up Cece!"
- Nap for Campbell
- Lunch for me!
- Shower for me!
- Feed baby
- Weekly picture (32 weeks, when did that get here? 20 weeks away from a year, holy cow!)
- Large McDonald's Dr Pepper
- Nap time for baby (but he's crying)
- Rock and read instead
- More crying
- Teething
- "SHUT THE *&^@#$*&^#@$ UP CECE!" That dog needs to relax.
- More crying
- Infant Tylenol
- Back in crib and still crying, poor thing, coupled with throwing things out of the crib and what I can only assume are baby words for "How could you, Mommy?"
-When will this tylenol kick in?

The crying is out of the ordinary, the barking is not. Happy Friday!

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Stephanie Dean said...

Love the recap. Your blog is always good for a smile.

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