Monday, February 28, 2011

Hole in the wall

We have hit a couple of snags along the way in this bathroom reno. Of course I pouted and then things ended up working out (the latter did not depend on the former.)

One of these things was that we had to decide on a new layout. Since our bathroom is on the 2nd floor, it was going to be too difficult to move the toilet that far from the original spot without ruining a couple of floor joists. And the last thing we want is for the bathtub to end up in the kitchen because the floors aren't rock-solid.

So after several days of working over this puzzle, we decided on a new floor plan which puts a ding in my "shower on the whole back wall" plan. BUT, it will still be great!

We found a claw foot tub at an adorable antique warehouse in Ft. Worth (can't remember the name right now, but will share later.) Patrick & Todd came over to help Kennedy haul it upstairs (while Amy, Emily & I hung out with the dogs downstairs.) Now it's sitting in our gutted bathroom, and it's beautiful. I'll share close-up photos later.

The biggest change we've seen (besides the plumbing and electrical being done) is a brand new window in the wall that was not previously there. I think it will be best if I can just show you with these photos....

Before, we had one window above the toilet. (That's the old tub and old toilet, by the way)

Now! Nice big window (You can see part of that claw foot beaut in the corner). The tub will be centered under the window (and I'll put some frosted film on the window for privacy, don't worry Mom!)

If you notice, there's a cute little white dog in that bathroom. Oh, and Kennedy is installing a bigger window in the other pre-existing window spot. He's sooooo handy!

It's in, it's level! I think we have a window addiction right now....

Another view of that big, beautiful window. I'm obsessed with it. It's even better during the day!

Kennedy is finishing up the window (and this is tonight - a weeknight! How does he keep up with all of this?)

That's all I got for the night. Thanks for reading!

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