Sunday, February 6, 2011

Ahead of Schedule

One way to force yourself into taking on a project that seems a little scary at first is to act impulsively!

We were only gonna take down the mirrors and doors yesterday, but as you can see from the following photos, we got a little carried away.

This is good because it puts us ahead of schedule! This is bad because we have bought nothing (NOTHING) to begin this bathroom renovation, except for a crow-bar combo pack and a sledgehammer. Oh and some construction trash bags.

Kennedy is currently working on getting the corroded vanity faucets off the wall so we can carry the vanity out to the garage and perform all sorts of magic on it!

Just to remind you of what it looked like before:

Enjoy our destruction!

Bags full of drywall greet us at the top of the stairs - This is only from today - there are 15 bags on the front porch from yesterday. I'm sure our neighbors are wondering if we are chopping up dead bodies over here. (Sorry, I let Dexter influence my imagination.)

We still have a lot of framing to tear out, but it's a start! (Hey Kennedy, nice socks!)

Look at all the fun exposed wires!

Most of the shower is torn out...

Have fun, Kennedy! I'm gonna go blog about all the hard work you're doing! (Just kidding, I helped clean!)

Total spent so far: $40.00 (New tools & trash bags) 
Total saved so far: $1500? How much does someone charge to smash up a bathroom?

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