Sunday, February 13, 2011


Today Kennedy and I picked up ANOTHER window from Dallas (bringing our grand total of windows bought for this bathroom renovation to 9!)

We won't use 9 windows in the bathroom, we just kind of got carried away, and now we have 9 really inexpensive, brand-new windows (thanks Craigslist!)

Traffic was horrible for no reason at all, other than the fact that Dallas is home to some of the worst drivers in the world. I hate to badmouth that wonderful city, but their standards for Drivers Ed are severely lacking.

One good thing that came out of it is that we got to hear Katy Perry's song, Fireworks, on the radio. It's funny because that song NEVER comes on the radio (sarcasm)!

Kennedy got to hear me belt it out at the top of my lungs. He started laughing, probably because he was so shocked at how good I am, and surprised at how I hit every single note.

Now I have the song stuck in my head, but just that one part: "Baby you're a fiiiiiiiiiiiiirework, c'mon show 'em whaaaaaaaaat you're worth!"

Now that you've read this post, you will also have only that part stuck in your head.

You're welcome.


Stephanie Dean said...

Love it! I love that song, I can't hit the notes, so I am jealous!

Sara D said...

oh well Stephanie, neither can I according to Kennedy, haha.

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