Monday, November 23, 2009


We're finished.

Well, kind of. Our bedroom is a disaster, but the guest quarters are complete! And might I say, beautiful. Hope that doesn't count as bragging.

I'm so excited about all the changes that were made this weekend! Our house is really transforming and coming together to feel like our home, and not you know who's ramshackle circus home. (In case you don't know who: you know who = previous owner.)

I can't concentrate on typing words as Kennedy sits behind me giggling at his iPhone and singing excerpts from one of his playlists in a really high pitched voice. Let's get down to the befores and afters.

Do you remember this?

Maybe you don't remember this. I don't think I ever posted pictures of this on the blog. Just on facebook.

OK, ready to have your mind blown????

Come stay with us!!!

Featured in this room is an antique bed frame that I bought off of craigslist (my best friend,) some side tables that Kennedy helped me make, and see that wreath? I made that! I like crafts.
Thanks Dad, for painting this room for me!


I'll miss you, truck-stop-bathroom...

In progress. Thanks Mom, for taking down the wall paper and texturing the walls!

These pictures are very dark because they're taken with my nice camera (the one I don't really know how  to use...) Not pictured: You could seriously eat off of any surface in this bathroom. It is like, the most disinfected something can possibly be.

Here's a framed piece of scrapbook paper!

Are you having fun? I know I am! Or maybe I'm delirious from working non-stop on this house. There's more...

This is our main living area. Also, a picture of the window that you can barely see on the left in the first picture.

In here, we painted. Everything. The walls. The window frame. Then we decided to leave the blinds off (not pictured above.) Then we hung some curtains and we looooove the curtains. How is it possible to love curtains? I still haven't figured out exactly how I like them to be styled, but oh well. We have yet to hang anything on the walls, but oh well. 

"Fireplace" room before.

"Fireplace" room after. What is Elvis doing????

What's next, you ask? I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the master bedroom!!!!!


amy said...

OOOOOOOH! The house looks great! I particularly love the unique Elvis decor in the main living room and fireplace room...

Courtney said...

It looks SOOOOO great!!! I love the bathroom, it doesn't even look like the same room!

Anonymous said...

You forgot to add pictures of your dining room. - Mom

Stephanie Dean said...

I love it! What color is that in your living room and fire place room? They are really pretty. Can't wait to see it in person!

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