Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday the 13th!

Why are some people just so naturally abrasive and irritating? What is their purpose to this earth?

You know how spiders are all gross and creepy, but at least they eat flies and mosquitoes and things of that nature, so they're somewhat useful?

What is the use of a person with a pompous, completely frustrating personality?

Also, have you ever not actually met a person, but just by your knowledge of people you can tell that they will drive you insane?

Why, why, why??? And don't say "so you can learn patience." That's not WHY.

So, I've recently been inspired by this blog:

The domain name is deceiving. It is the blog of a lady in Canada who refinishes furniture. Most of the time it is a very shabby chic look (which I happen to like.) I like to learn about ordinary people doing do-it-yourself projects. It makes me feel like I, too, can do these things.

So tonight, I will.

I will repaint a green dresser (I happen to love the green color, but Kennedy doesn't, and it it kind of beaten up, so I need to repaint it.) I will paint it ivory, and I will change the drawer pulls. I will display this small dresser in my entry way, so I can see it every day as I prepare to leave, or on my way up the stairs, and think to myself "I did that."

Also, who cares about run-on sentences? (Probably the people I was talking about at the top of my blog entry.)

I do not have pictures to share this time around, but I will soon. Very.....very......soon.........


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Stephanie Dean said...

thanks for the birthday shout-out sara! i can't wait to see the dresser. soon i will be joining the ranks of do-it-yourself projects, and i will be coming to you for pointers!

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