Thursday, December 3, 2009


Well, I'm pretty disappointed in you all. Last post was my 50th post, and no one even noticed. That's why I didn't write in here for a couple of weeks. I was punishing you for your lack of noticing. I didn't even notice, which is just sad.

Anyway, that's not really true about why I didn't post. It's the holidays! Which means everything is crazy busy. Thanksgiving was such a fun time. Kennedy's mom, Jennifer, came and stayed with us for the week. It was great to have her around and made us excited to spend more time with her as well as the rest of Kennedy's family over Christmas in NJ!

Another thing that made me excited for Christmas in NJ: It snowed here yesterday. It's unthinkable in Texas for snow to fall in DECEMBER. It's usually an event reserved for every 4th year in February (to paint a picture of how often it snows.)

Now that we're not in South Dakota anymore, I can enjoy snow with the knowledge that it is going to melt as soon as it hits the ground. No getting stuck at the end of my driveway in a giant snowbank for me! (Anymore.)

Another thing I've been busy with is decorating for Christmas! Although we won't be at home this Christmas, I thought it a great security measure to put up a Christmas tree with lights. That way, burglars will think we're home and avoid our house (See: Home Alone.) Gee, I hope no burglars are reading my blog right now....

So I got a little carried away. I had so much fun putting up the first tree, that I just went for it, and now we have some full-on decorations. I'm going to wrap this up pretty quickly because 1) Dinner's ready, and 2) Kennedy just walked by and gave me a really dirty look because he thinks I'm always on the computer.

Here are some pictures!!!!

Here's what started it all....The "security" tree.

Then I moved to the front door and added a lighted garland and a hand-made ornament wreath! Notice my decaying pumpkins are still out.

 Here's a close-up of the wreath. It cost $11 to make. I bought the ornaments at the Dollar Tree (11 tubes of 5), used a pesky wire hanger we had lying around, and a glue gun that I had to dig out of some unpacked box in a spare bedroom. Here is a tutorial if you want to make one yourself!
I bet it would be really pretty with some peacock feather colors.

I have lovingly dubbed this the Santa Clause room, because the mantle is full of Santa figurines. Do you like how the bottom half of the tree is unlit? Good for me.

Oh hey, what's that? Another new iPhone cover!!!

Sadly, this one broke and I had to return it.

I've gotta go eat now.


Courtney said...

I want to make that ornament wreath! If it's not easy I'm going to blame you.

Stephanie Dean said...

Me too! I love it. You are so crafty! Your house looks awesome!

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