Monday, November 9, 2009

Hey Ladies...

How many articles of clothing must be sacrificed to my washing machine before I owe it no more debt????

Make sure to carefully place your spaghetti-strapped shirts and camisoles into the washing machine, away from the central spin mechanism (or whatever you might call that thing.)

And just a side-note, that I am not directing this post at ladies because it has to do with laundry, but because it has to do with spaghetti-strapped shirts. I know how offensive gender roles can be to some people these days. I'm offended that I even have to think about laundry. But such is life!

So I'm off the wagon. The food-poisoning wagon, that is. Friday night, Kennedy and I met up with Amy and Todd for some dinner at Joe T. Garcia's. Good food, great company! Those two make such a cute couple. I was digging the Joe T food experience - talk about some good rice and beans. I mean, most mexican food restaurants make that an afterthought, but I like to test my side dishes. It's the mark of an authentic dish.

Saturday morning I woke up with (I'll spare you the gruesome details) symptoms of food poisoning. (Which didn't stop me from dragging Kennedy all the way to Richardson and back for a Craigslist purchase - cramping all the way! Totally worth it, as I will share in a later post. Maybe.)

Anyway, curse that Joe T. Garcia's, right? But alas, neither Amy, Todd, or Kennedy were experiencing any of the pain I was feeling, and we all shared food. So what, then?

I thought back to Thursday night, which was the night Kennedy and I went to Macaroni Grill to redeem all those coupon's he gets from catering with them. I remember what I had. Shrimp Portofino. Shrimp with mushrooms and wilted spinach over capellini pasta, yadda yadda yadda.

So it HAD to be them. Also, it took our server about 7-10 minutes to come greet us and take our drink orders. So, bad service = bad food. So, gross.

All that to say, I was stuck in a horizontal position clutching my abdomen all weekend. And when I'm stuck lying down for an entire two days, apparently, this is what happens in the kitchen:

That's right. That trash can was up there allllll weekend. Although, in Kennedy's defense, I just got home from a meeting at work and the trash can was under the sink and had been emptied. I just put it up there to stage a scene out of reality. Another thing different is that the trash can was actually so full, that some of the trash was being set next to the can. Or on the coffee table.

But who can blame the poor man? I think he was depressed that I couldn't do anything. He was so good, just laid there too, next to me. Asking ever so often (but not too often that it was overwhelming) if I needed anything. Elvis, too. He mostly slept next to me all weekend. Then was a total monster today (due to stored up energy, I assume.)

Oh, weird. What's that thing?

Oh, hey! It's my new iPhone cover!!!!

Good for me.


Stephanie Dean said...

I always knew that Maccaroni Grill was awful! Now you know why I never want to eat there!

Amy P. said...

Oh my gosh. If it makes you feel any better, I was nauseated all day and night on saturday... except, i don't want to ruin the joe t's experience for you, so we'll just pretend that i was sick b/c i had too much coffee AND NOT because of joe t's. also, yes, todd and i are cute. not as cute as elvis, though.

also, be safe: don't drive while drowsy.

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