Monday, April 8, 2013

Yakkity Yak (Front Door's Black): Foyer updates!

Kennedy and I got the DIY bug this weekend, and crossed a ton of things off our to-do list. Specifically, the foyer to-do list.

I don't think I ever shared the listing photos of the foyer when we moved in. So here are those now:
Although, if you have read my blog in the past few weeks, you're no stranger to the mmmMustard color walls. (I have a job fantasy where I get to name all the paint colors. I think mmmMustard would be a perfect paint color name.)

And here it is from the upstairs landing. Look how TALL the ceilings are. This is the main reason we lived with the mmmMustard for so long. We are both afraid of heights. But for some reason (I think it's the Spring air,) Kennedy got the painting bug and finished what we started over 2 weeks ago when we painted the upstairs hall.

Then I decided that picking such a neutral color (Grey! Surprise!) made the front door fade into oblivion. Maybe not oblivion, but if I can't be dramatic about the color of my front door, what can I be dramatic about? 
Terrible iPhone pic, but you get the idea. Also: New IKEA rug!

Apparently, Elvis thought I was taking his picture. He's so vain.

He's still there...

And the after:

(Because Cece is underrepresented in this family.)

And more of the entry way...

So that's my progress with the entry way. Now I have a couple of DIY projects planned, that I hope to tackle soon. (Also, I'm so thankful for pictures, because now that I have one of my entry, I realize how off-center the dresser and mirror are on that wall. Note to self!)

First on the list is re-painting the dresser. I got that thing on craigslist like 4 or 5 years ago, and it looked like this:

 It was probably the first piece of furniture I ever painted. You can read about that here.

Well, now I want to go back to green. Not avocado green, but EMERALD. Here's a picture of the color I have in mind, thanks to Pinterest!

And I had already been thinking about a mirror like the Pottery Barn Eames mirror for above the chest, and that picture just confirms that I NEED TO DO IT.

There are several DIY tutorials for the mirror out there, so I plan on utilizing one very soon. It will be good to balance out the black from the front door.

The End. I'm on a DIY roll, so stay tuned this week for more updates!


william and brittany said...

that looks amazeballs and you have the best blog post titles ever.

Sara Dean said...

Thanks Brittany! And 500 points to you for using "amazeballs" in a sentence!

marie barron said...

Lovely what colour is the paint in your hall

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