Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Bad Photoshop: My kitchen

I can't stop wanting to change things all. the. time. at my house. Which is weird because I fear change. But not really decor change, since I actually crave decor change, but fear life change.

Anyway, I know it's been done to death, but I am seriously considering painting a large portion of my kitchen with chalkboard paint. There isn't a lot of wall space anyway, and I'm not sure how it will look, so I decided to photoshop it.

Now, I will warn you, my photoshop skills are very, very good. It will be difficult for you to tell what is real and what isn't. Kind of like The Matrix. So be sure to read everything. Then you will know what is real and what is photoshopped.

Here. Let me give you a practice round.



I know it's hard to tell, but in the bottom one, I actually photoshopped Campbell's cute head onto a real baby bear. Because he couldn't actually climb a tree when that photo was taken. 

Another practice round? Sure!

What's real and what's photoshopped?

I know it's hard to tell, but the photoshopped part is actually where I put young Elvis Presley's face on Kennedy's body.

This is a real picture of Kennedy, for reference.

Ok, now on to the real stuff! Here are some photoshopped pictures of our kitchen to help me make a decision. And this is a rare moment where I will ask someone's opinion on something, so feel free to weigh in!

This pantry push-out is what I'm thinking about smothering with chalkboard paint. Why? Because I want to change something...

Here's what it might look like when I'm done and when we finally get around to tiling over that desk area...

And here it is from another angle...

For the record, I would probably move that framed picture somewhere else and just have the entire wall full of chalk art...Maybe a calendar or a menu? And C could use it color down near the bottom, since he's still under 32 inches tall.

So, thoughts? Is it too busy? For pictures of the rest of the kitchen, you can look here. It's best to have an informed decision. Please vote now.


Courtney said...

I think it's a cute idea! Especially for a house with a toddler so you don't have to worry when he draws on the wall. Go for it!

Anonymous said...

I think it's a great idea. But since you won't really have easy access to all the walls, if it were me, I would just do the one wall (across from the fridge - next to the dining room entry).

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