Saturday, April 13, 2013

I spray painted an entry table, and I liked it

Tonight we had a conversation about what type of movie to watch. It went like this.

Me: I wanna watch a rom-com.
Kennedy: I recorded the newest Spiderman movie on our DVR.
Me: No, that's not a rom-com. I want to watch a movie where everything and place is beautiful and Kate Hudson is there.
Kennedy: We can look at Netflix when we get home.
Me: OK!

Skip to now, and somehow we are watching Man on a Ledge (starring Sam Worthington and Elizabeth Banks.) This is not romantic, nor is it hilarious. And wrong blonde. How did I get roped into this?

In honor of Spring, I made a long-term to-do list of things that need to get done around the house. I have been steadily knocking things off the list a little at a time, and I'm over half-way through! Little things like touch-up paint in the kitchen, adding drawer pulls to the island, and painting the front entry table.

Today I painted the table. It was white before, remember?

Today we went to Lowe's to pick up a paint sample, because I had planned to just use that to paint the table. I also had a can of clear spray paint in my cart to give it a shiny top coat, since the paint samples come in satin.

While waiting on the paint to mix up, one of the other paint guys comes up, looks in my cart and asks what I planned on doing with those things. He seriously said it like he should have followed up with "young lady." He then proceeded to tell me how paint samples aren't "real paint" and that it would peel off in 2 days. "It's basically water with coloring in it," he said.

I tried to remain polite, despite the fact that I was basically getting lectured about using a paint sample instead of "real paint." BUT I STOOD MY GROUND. "I'll give it a shot anyway," I said.

As I was walking away from the counter, a second paint guy asked me if I was going to try to paint something with it, so I lied and gave a vague answer how I was going to use it to see if it was the color I actually wanted. HE LECTURED ME TOO. I can only assume they talked to each other about my poor decision to paint furniture with a paint sample. 

All I know was, I left the paint counter with my paint sample and clear spray paint with every intention of using them. But they had gotten in my head. So I went to the spray paint aisle, (obviously circumventing the paint counter guys, because I was mad at them for lecturing me) and luckily found the exact same color and brand of paint that I was gonna get, in a spray paint.

Long story just to say, I spray painted this dresser. It took 1.5 cans. Peacock House by Valspar, if you're interested.

Like. Can't decide if I want to change the knobs, but probably. Yes, I probably do.

Now all I need to do is rip off that Pottery Barn mirror I talked about in this post and maybe I can be done with the foyer for a while.

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Stephanie Dean said...

Looks great. Love the color! It will look even better with that mirror. I think we might make one too for above the fireplace.

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