Saturday, April 6, 2013

Spring has sprung

I'm so glad to have the dreary-wearies of winter behind me. Finally.

Sometimes the grey skies and snowy weather make you forget that you are ALIVE and CAN DO THINGS. Thank you Spring, for reminding me of this.

Coincidentally, (and not ironically, as I ready about today - Thanks Michel!) Campbell's preference for walking happened right around the time that Spring sprang.

What a fun and terrifying time for us! Fun because yay! He can walk! I don't have to carry him everywhere! Terrifying because oh no! He is still figuring out how to fall gracefully. And aren't we all? A lot of his falls end up in a face plant. But don't we all?

Anyway, we've been spending some time out back (as in, our back yard. Not Australia.) And I finally had the bright idea to grab my camera and use it. After forgetting it on our trip last week to meet baby Audrey for the first time and for Campbell to meet my family in Kansas for the first time. I can be absent-minded about documenting such milestones on a nice camera. I blame Instagram.

Since roughly 90% of you readers are family members who are probably logging on only to see pictures of Campbell, I thought I'd finally indulge you. WARNING: REDUNDANT PHOTOS AHEAD. It's my right as a mother and a blogger. Enjoy!

Down the slide...

...Again and again. He is slide-obsessed.

Spitting image of his Daddy right here.

Just hangin' out (hahahahahahahaha)

Oh man. Mid-chuckle with those chins and cheeks. Simply irresistible to me.

Sully, I SWEAR, this was not staged. They were walking to pick up the ball. I'm melting! I'm melting! What a world. (Name that movie.)

Elvis acting like a dog for once.

Elvis'll be so embarrassed that I posted this on my blog. He's got crazy eyes.

"Here you are, Father. I've found a crunchy leaf for you."

Walking with determination. I mean. Look at that face. I don't know how I get anything done, when I have those cheeks to kiss all the time.

Was that a gushy enough mom post for you? Because believe me, I actually practiced a great deal of restraint. 

Happy weekend!

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Stephanie Dean said...

These photos are awesome. The one of them holding hands melts my heart. Love his squishy cheeks.

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