Wednesday, March 6, 2013


One of these days, I'm going to be rocking Campbell before his nap and Elvis is going to come in and throw up a bright green vomit with chunks of banana in it, and I am just going to drop dead from my skyrocketing blood pressure. Today I survived. But I might not next time.

Having a baby + 2 dogs + wet snow on the ground outside is a bad combination. These dumb dogs need exercise, and I can't really provide that at this time. So it usually ends in frustration on my part. This too shall pass...

The other thing that snow does is kill my motivation. I am currently still in my pajamas. I haven't worked out in weeks. And I want to but I just don't want to.

So instead, I made a to-do list today and feel like I accomplished enough to not feel completely worthless.

Along with my to-do list, I also chased this almost 14-month-old around as he got in to everything and generally tested limits and boundaries. It's a wonderfully trying time for both of us, but still overall fun!

Those of you who follow me on Instagram (@saramdean) may have noticed an influx of pics today! How can I not capture things like this:

I finally figured out how he has been taking his own pants off. Stepping on the cuffs over and over til they get dragged down...

He had especially perfect bed head today. I hope he has bed head forever and ever.

Most pictures of Campbell are blurry these days. He is always moving. 

I decided to start teaching him to put things away today. NOT EASY. I figured I better suck it up and do it now while I have some energy left. Basically, I handed him something he took out and guided his hand to the place I wanted him to put it. Then I yelled "Yayyyy!!!!!" and we clapped. Lather/Rinse/Repeat. He did it a few times, and then got distracted by something.

For anyone with children: Is this the best method? Is he too young to understand this concept? I will continue to force him to clean up unless someone (preferably a child psychologist) convinces me there is a reason to cease and desist. 

PS: This guest room is still pink. I intend to change that soon.

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Stephanie Dean said...

I can't wait to see what you do with the guest room! I need to swap out some of Audrey's clothes, seeing your boxes is making me think it should be on my list for tomorrow. Oh sweet little nephew of mine, I love your antics and creativity! Can't wait to see you all at the end of the month!!!

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