Monday, March 11, 2013

Things From This Weekend

My current state: Sweet potatoes on my shirt and hands (from Campbell's lunch.) Wearing my pajamas. Watching Wreck It Ralph. Blogging (obviously).

What is it about painting my nails that I am doing wrong? I can't seem to give myself a decent manicure. It always ends up looking like an orange peel rolled over them. Not to mention all the extra paint that gets on my cuticles.

My current manicure - no joke. I took this picture like 30 seconds ago. Someone tell me what I'm doing wrong!

It's hard to find time to paint my nails ever. It's the drying time that kills me, so I just don't do it. I finally found time to do it last night while we were catching up on Scandal in our newly painted cave room. Wouldn'tcha know it? It was a little too dark to see what I was doing. Hence (yeah, hence!) the textured nails.

What else...Oh, we have the stomach flu over here!
Dean boys snuggling on the couch. Oooh, look at my new rug!

I don't really mean "we" so much as I mean Kennedy. And I intend to keep it to just a single case in this house. After getting woken up 5 times Saturday night to the sound of "HOOO-AGGGGHHHH" (sound of violent vomiting), I know that it is my job to make sure C-baby and myself avoid that. 

Poor Kennedy was quarantined to the cave room all day yesterday, and I finally let him come out today on the condition that he washes his hands religiously and promises not to kiss anyone. Luckily, he's starting to feel a little better.

What did people do before Google and WebMD? I bet they just kept giving each other the stomach flu over and over again. Not me (fingers crossed). I am armed with a half gallon of bleach.

I know, I know. Bleach is sooo bad for you and has so many harsh chemicals. But I just don't think vinegar is gonna disinfect everything the way I need to to be disinfected. I promise to use it sparingly.

Our local Kroger has THE BEST clearance aisle ever. I do not go in that store without checking the clearance aisle before I leave. A lot of times I don't find anything I want, but sometimes I score some great deals! I got several John Freida hair products for $1.00 each one time. And Burt's Beeswax products. I'm obsessed with clearance items.

The other day I found these Window Crayons and some Window Markers on sale and thought they'd be fun to use on our sliding glass doors.

Campbell loved them. He loved them so much he ate one. And then had a blue-filled diaper today. So those are going into the drawer for a while.

And FINALLY, I have a project brewing in my brain right now. It involves these brown wooden vases that are from Wal-mart (like, 8 years ago) and something I pinned to Pinterest.

I saw these painted sticks, which I thought were neat-o. Now if I can just figure out where I want the final product to go... Maybe Campbell's room?

But seriously...Someone tell me how to paint my nails.

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