Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Master Bedroom Progress & Plans

Warning! This is a photo-heavy post!

A couple of weekends ago, I talked Kennedy in to helping me paint our bedroom. Originally, we were going to wait a while to do it so we could get some other rooms done first. But I got tired of waiting! I wanted to sleep in a room that didn't make me gag. Is that too much to ask? (Yeah, yeah. First world problems.)

These are the listing photos from when the house was on the market. The old owner's realtor must've had a professional photographer, because I couldn't get that much room on camera at once. Plus, the carpets look a lot cleaner in this photo than they actually were/are.
I am just now realizing there is no TV in their room. How sad. How did they watch all those hours of DVR'd TV in bed like everyone else in America?

We decided to go with a color similar to our old master bedroom, because it coordinated with everything else we already had.

So, even though we painted, we are not exactly done with this room. It needs to be decorated still. I thought it would be fun to Photoshop some ideas onto the new paint and share them. Let's face it. This might be as decorated as it gets. But at least it's alive in Photoshop!

Plus, once you go dark, you never go back. (I know that's not the original saying, but I couldn't bring myself to paint the walls black just so I could have a clever blog title.) But seriously, I don't see myself using a light color in my bedroom any time soon.

After I uploaded these pictures, I realized I had a camera flare! I like to think it's my old cat, Sylvia, watching over me as I sleep, like she used to when I was a young girl.

And here are some plans. I think my superior Photoshop skills are pretty self explanatory.

Kennedy wants to take that shelf out and hang a gallery wall of pictures with white frames. And no joke, I accidentally just typed "shit" where I meant to type "white." I don't know why? But I felt that it needed to be shared.

I also want a chair and ottoman in that corner simply because that area is HUGE and empty. I don't necessarily want a grey chair, but I liked the scale and shape of that one, so there it is.

These angled ceilings are ridiculous to decorate. It's just a bunch of blank space. Maybe we should wall mount the TV and then hang some other pictures around it to make it blend in.

Maybe I should paint a bunch of question marks on the wall behind the TV to fill up space.

Here's another angle with some more wall space....

Maybe I can hang those DIY Mirrors I made on this random space? It's kind of small when all the doors are open.

And what's behind those double doors, you ask?

Ha ha. Our room is never that clean.

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